Clay Harrington

At an early age, Clay was taught timeless truths about God by his mother. But during his teenage years, he began to rebel and turned away from God to live a life of sin. 

It wasn’t until the age of 30 that he would turn from a sinful lifestyle to a life sold-out for Christ. Since his born-again experience, Clay has experienced a number of radical encounters with the Father and made it his life’s mission to stir the Church to live more on fire for the Kingdom than ever before. Today, Clay is committed to proclaiming freedom to captives, healing the sick, equipping the saints to live naturally supernaturally, and inspiring the church to live radically for Jesus.

Clay is married to his wife, Regina, and is blessed with two sets of boy/girl twins. Clay and his family reside in Ohio, where he serves as the Senior Director of Breakthrough Ministry at Vineyard Cincinnati Church. 

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