A comprehensive approach to naturally supernatural Christianity.

School of Kingdom Ministry (SoKM) is an intensive, nine-month course on supernatural ministry. Students receive instruction on kingdom theology and the demonstration of God’s power through ordinary disciples. The SoKM program has been developed by the Vineyard Church of Central Illinois, and there are 164 SoKM locations in the US and abroad. The curriculum provides students with theologically sound teaching coupled with instruction from gifted and experienced practitioners in order to provide a comprehensive approach to naturally supernatural Christianity. Each topic of study will include biblically-based teaching, activation exercises, and practical application opportunities.

“Everybody gets to play.”

In the spirit of that ministry mindset passed down by John Wimber, we believe that If everybody gets to play, then everyone should be trained. That means that ministry training is not just for the elect or superstars, but for everyone. The topics included during this nine-month study include:

    • Kingdom Theology and Worldviews
    • Identity in Christ
    • Holy Spirit
    • Physical Healing
    • Inner Healing
    • Prophecy
    • Power Evangelism
    • Deliverance

We believe that education pulled apart from action will never result in transformation. To that end, we spend more time doing than we do talking. SoKM pulls together three facets—teaching, activation, and practice—which together will give students a comprehensive learning opportunity that results in transformation and lifestyle integration.

Schedule and Requirements

SoKM will meet Tuesday nights at 6pm at Crestwood Vineyard Church. Classes will start Sept 24 and run through May. Each student must commit to participate in at least 24 of the 27 classes. Tuition cost for the course is $250, which can be paid out through the course of the 9 months. There is also an application you will need to fill out in order to become a student.

Alumni Opportunities

For students who have previously gone through our School of Kingdom Ministry program (formerly called CSKM or ESKM), please consider joining us again this year! We believe you will benefit greatly from the additional features we are incorporating this year, and we would love your help in leading activations. Alumni tuition is $50, and that fee also covers all the online digital content and teaching from all previous years of SoKM.