Deep Dive into the Old Testament

Deep Dive into the Hebrew Bible- “How we got the Old Testament”

Have you ever wondered how we got the Old Testament in its present form? Beginning the second Monday in September (Sept 11) we will take a “Deep Dive” into the writing, collection, and composition of the Old Testament – the “Hebrew Bible.” The Old Testament was central to Jesus’ life, ministry and teaching. It was also central to the early Apostles and writers of the New Testament. It is our conviction that the Old Testament is a central part of the Christian Bible and should be studied and embraced on its own terms.

The class will take place via zoom from 7-8:30pm. We will watch “the classroom” teaching videos from together, followed by discussion. Study notes are available on line. Charles Bello will be moderating and leading the class. This class may challenge some of your assumptions but in the process, it will strengthen your faith and your love for the scriptures, especially the Old Testament. Everyone is welcomed to attend.

Date and Time: Monday (beginning Sept 11) 7-8:30pm


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