Lectio Divina

Lectio Divina is an ancient prayer form that, for the first thousand years of church history, was an integral part of the Christian experience. It is a devotional way of reading, meditating on and praying the Scriptures in a manner that enables the Scriptures to penetrate deeply into our hearts. Lectio Divina is built on the conviction that the Holy Spirit inspired the Bible and that the Holy Spirit continues to speak to us through the Bible. Charles Bello shares a bit on history, theology or practical advice on this prayer model, leads the group into the prayer practice and we debrief a bit afterwards. This class is open for those new to this practice and those who are seasoned. For more information about this prayer model and other contemplate practices, go to the file section on Crestwood Vineyard Sunday School Class page on Facebook.

Thursdays at 7pm


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