Pause and Pray (Centering Prayer)

Led by Charles Bello & Jordan Gullo
Wednesday Evenings 7PM

Centering Prayer is a form of wordless, contemplative prayer where the pray-er seeks to quietly rest and be still in the loving presence of God. This form of prayer focuses on the awareness of the Holy Spirit residing in the heart of the Christian. The goal of centering prayer is to be attentive to the presence of God within. Even though this seems to be such a simple practice, done over time it can have a tremendous impact on our lives. Charles Bello or Jordan Gullo shares a bit of history, theology or practical advice on this prayer model and then leads the group into the prayer practice and debrief a bit afterwards. This class is open for those new to this practice and those who are seasoned. For more information about this prayer model and other contemplate practices, go to the file section on Crestwood Vineyard Sunday School Class page on Facebook.

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