Route 12 is currently on break for the summer and expects to resume in September.

For 80 years God has used the healing power of the 12-Steps to restore the lives of countless individuals. He conveys this healing message through people like us, who know what it means to be nearly broken by life and mended by God. This program is designed to give the spiritual tools necessary in order to reclaim our birthright as children of a trustworthy and compassionate Abba Father. It is a journey that will awaken hearts to His grace and empower productive living and restore relationships.

A Roadmap to Recovery

Route 12 is a working guide for healing wounded hearts and confronting the addictions and afflictions that may assail us; emphasizing self understanding, personal responsibility, and the unfailing love of Jesus Christ.

This program will:

  • Use Scripture to provide an understanding of the 12-Steps within a Biblical Context.
  • Reaffirm and develop the intimate presence of God allowing Him to guide the affairs of our lives.
  • Offer tools to restore the power and fruit of the Holy Spirit within us.
  • Provide a workable formula for safely confronting the past.
  • Help build meaningful relationships with others by creating a safe environment to share your life experiences.
  • Model a peer-driven sponsorship/discipleship method to help teach us how to mentor in a healthy and productive manner.


Sunday Services 10:30am

2515 NW 16th St.
Oklahoma City, OK 73107

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