Come Serve the Nations

Get equipped and empowered to put Jesus on display with love and power

Upcoming Trips:

  • South Africa – May 2024 (registrations open)
  • South Africa – Sept / Oct 2024
  • Chile – Nov 2024

Serve the Nations, led by Brian Blount, exists to equip teams and local churches throughout the United States and internationally in empowered evangelism through short-term missions.

Brian has spent over twenty-five years equipping and training individuals, teams, and churches in Jesus’ mission, message, and ministry in healing and power evangelism, both nationally and internationally. Brian was a part of planting Crestwood Vineyard Church where he has served as senior pastor and currently serves as the head of Serve the Nations, the missions outreach of Crestwood Vineyard. He lives in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, with his wife Jeanine and their six children (including triplets).

Brian is the author of two books on power evangelism entitled From the Sanctuary to the Streets and Putting Jesus on Display with Love and Power. His heart is to equip and empower ordinary, everyday believers and churches to live a lifestyle of putting Jesus on display with love and power. The goal of Serve the Nations is to serve from the local church to the local church.

Serve the Nations takes short-term missions teams into churches throughout the US and internationally to several countries, including South Africa, Germany, Switzerland, Chile, Romania, and Brazil. In each trip, Brian and the teams he has taken have seen the kingdom of God break in powerfully! Hundreds and hundreds of people have made decisions for Christ through signs and wonders, healings, and miracles. During these short-term mission trips, teams and local churches have witnessed the blind seeing, the deaf hearing, the crippled walking, as well as many other healings and powerful kingdom encounters.

These are life-changing trips. On a STN trip, you will experience the beautiful people and culture of the nations we visit, enjoy great food, make lifelong friends, and have lots of fun while at the same time being equipped in empowered evangelism.

The uniqueness of these trips lies in the hands-on equipping you will experience. You will have opportunities and training to see the sick healed through your hands and to lead people into the heart of Jesus through the power and demonstration of the gospel. You will also have the opportunity to learn to equip others to do the same and develop a lifestyle of putting Jesus on display with love and power.

Come serve the nations with us!

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